It's about time someone made a sick boat that people can actually afford.

Dylan Miller

Welcome Dylan Miller,
Heyday’s New Brand Ambassador.

Heyday is proud to sponsor wakeboarding legend Dylan Miller, whose fearless creativity and individual style helped revolutionize the sport.

Miller, 30, has been wakeboarding for 18 years and began competing professionally in 2010. He was raised in Canada by avid water skier parents, whom he credits with sparking his interest in wakesports. Miller pursued his passion with tenacity, even working on a Canadian oil rig to help fund his career. He’s now a widely respected free-rider.

Look for Miller at the 2017 Pro Watercross Tour and Heyday Demo Dayz, where he’ll make appearances and provide boat capabilities demos.

DOB: 1/6/1987 | Hometown: Oxbow, Saskatchewan, Canada | Wakeboarding Since: 1999

Dillan Miller Mobile Boarding

Heyday WT-1 WITH Dylan Miller

Dylan Miller had the chance to ride the WT-1, here are his five favorite things.

* Published in the 2016 DEC/JAN issue of Alliance Wake Magazine.

“Yes, the wake is sick. Wake-board or wakesurf this thing is ready to go. And with plenty of extra power it’s ready for more weight for those of you wanting that extra kick.”


“Finally a wakeboard boat that a wakeboarder can actually afford!”

“I personally am getting sick of all these stupid touch screens in boats that don’t work the way they should. Heyday is bringing it back to the basics with simple toggle switches. No more dead batteries in the boat because you left some pointless feature on...”

“This boat has so many great places to store your gear you won’t know what to do with yourself...other than store your gear and sit on the seats with your friends and have a great time.”

“Yes I know I already said this, but come on people. How many of us can afford a $150,000 boat?”